EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics is the first ISO certified clinic that offers a combination of advanced medical and aesthetic treatments for your skin, body and face. A team of board certified plastic surgeons, doctors and physiotherapists working together utilize the safest and most revolutionary technologies in the field to give you excellent results in a professional, luxurious, friendly, comfortable and relaxing clinical environment.

Rich of many years of experience with thousands of satisfied clients, we can proudly say that you made a good choice consulting our site to learn more about us. 

Our machines are highly advanced in technology for the best medical and aesthetic solutions to be safely implemented on the spot.

Using globally certified equipment that guarantee the best results as well as up-to-the-minute internationally accredited products conducted by board certified doctors using all safety protocols and techniques, we are focused on client's safety, satisfaction and care.

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Branch 1: Marc 1 Center. 1st floor. Habtoor Round About. Horch Tabet.

T: 01 - 490 491 * 01 - 502 002  

M: 70 117 118

Branch 2: Levant Hospital - Sin el Fil

T: 01 - 501 500  Ext: 6900    

M: 79 117 118

Open: M-F: 8 a.m to Sat 8 p.m 



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