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Aesthetic Services

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for all skin and hair types using latest advanced technology machines | Electrolysis for white, light and thin hair (No Pain, No Scars)

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Facial Care

Deep cleansing | Chemical peeling | Mesotherapy | Hyaluronic acid and mini-facials for skin whitening | Anti-wrinkes and nourishing masks | Hydration masks | Collagen boosters | Exfoliating masks | Dark spots, acne and dark circles treatment | Muscle toning and lifting

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Slimming (Non-Surgical)

Anti-cellulite | Fat freezing | Shockwave therapy | Water retention | Stretch marks removal | Muscle toning, firming and lifting | Manual slimming massage | Coffee scrub slimming

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Botox | Fillers | PRP | Fat filling | Double-chin reduction (non-surgical) | Thread lifting for cheekbones, neck and jawline

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Diet & Nutrition

Body composition analysis | Personalized diet meals | Food intolerance, genetic and Oligoscan heavy metal/mineral tests

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Relaxing massage | Reflexology | Thai massage | Lomilomi | Asian Head Massage

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Smart solarium | Spray tanning

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Tattoo for permanent eyebrows, lips and eyeliners

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Medical Services

Plastic Surgery

Liposuction | Tummy tuck | Rhinoplasty | Face lifting | Breast augmentation, reduction and lifting | Blepharoplasty | Gynecomastia | Otoplasty, … Book Now

Veins Removal

Vascular therapy for face and legs using laser technology in one session | Sclerotheraphy (medical injections)

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Spine and muscle tension treatment | Posture improvement | Migraines and reflux disorder theraphy, …

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Covered by NSSF, public sector institutions and private insurance companies

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Life Coaching & Hypnosis

Improve your self-confidence, surpass your insecurities and simply learn to love yourself and find inner peace

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Quit Smoking

Get rid of smoke addiction in 37 minutes (no side effects, no medication and no weight gain)

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Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders

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Pelvic Floor Re-Education

Non-surgical treatment of urinary incontinence

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