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EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics (2014) was initially known as Elie Melhem Center during the time it was established in Jounieh (Lebanon) in 1998. EMC relocated to Levant hospital (Sin-El-Fil) in 2007. 

Pioneer in the industry of advanced medical & aesthetic treatments, EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics is proud to be first to be ISO Certified. Our focus for many years remains on giving our clients excellent results with the aid of the most technologically advanced machines in town. Our leadership is founded on highly skilled surgeons, doctors & physiotherapists effectively applying advanced medical & aesthetic treatments at reasonable prices. 

After long years of experience, Elie Melhem (Owner & CEO) decided to bring to town the most advanced top of the line machines around the world. This ambitious drive for ultimate success led to the launching of the new EMC in January 2014 in a comfortable, beautiful & luxurious location right next to Hilton Hotel.

EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics are equipped with the most technologically advanced machines as well as advanced medical and aesthetic products that are certified by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) & CE (Committee Europe).  In a modern, luxurious & client care atmosphere,  you can enjoy the latest, safest & fastest advanced medical & aesthetic treatments conducted by trained doctors as well as board certified plastic surgeons. The massive renovation of our clinics solely focusing on the continuous inclusion of the most advanced technological medical & aesthetic machines and equipment as well as certified anti aging products accompanied with the leadership of talented trained medical professionals makes our clinics one of the top rated in the Middle - East.

We strive to exceed your expectations in affordability, quality (by delivering exceptional healthcare & beauty services) & last but not least in following up with all of our clients. In order to maintain our reputation in a fast expanding market, we constantly introduce the newest advanced medical and aesthetic treatments that offer the safest procedures and the most excellent results.

Our expansion plan started with a new center in Bahrain in 2012, followed by a second one in Erbil in Iraq 2013, and other locations will follow. The best is yet to come.

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