Advanced Skin & Body Diagnosis

EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics emphasizes comprehensive & precise diagnosis for your skin & body using a technologically advanced skin analysis machine. EMC offers you objective & most precise documentation for your skin & body's current situation. 3 Dimensional technology offers a tailored program of your Before /After pictures so you can easily visualize the difference in the long run after undergoing the treatments suggested by our dermatologists & doctors. After your skin & body diagnosis, a tailored plan is suggested to you to correct & improve all anomalies in your skin & body report.  With the before / after pictures, you can objectively analyze even the slightest improvements in your skin after undergoing the treatments.


Do you want to know precisely the condition of your skin?

Foto Finder Aesthetics gives you a brilliant photo documentation of face & body as a form of precise & objective diagnosis as well as detailed analysis for the current situation of your skin, body & face. 


Benefits of FotoFinder Aesthetics 3 Dimensional Diagnosis & Treatment

1. You can now visualize the difference in your body, face & skin using advanced "Before & After" visual scanning & imaging!

2. Whether you perform body contouring, laser procedures or injectables, consistent photo documentation that we offer at our clinics is essential for any aesthetic procedure conducted because this gives you both valid & reliable Before / After results for the treatments you went for in a specific period of time!


FotoFinder Aesthetics offers our priority client a range of high performance imaging system for treatment planning, skin analysis & consistent photo documentation. This means you can objectively receive advanced visual images to reflect & compare the differences in your body, face & skin Before / After our advanced medical & aesthetic treatments. EMC outstanding pictures reveal every progress & success at a glance for your body, face & skin. 


Providing you with customized reports & accurate treatment plans, FotoFinder Aesthetics considerably enhances the diagnosis & analysis of your body, face & skin. This sophisticated 3 Dimensional diagnostic system using FotoFinder Aesthetics produces highly informative Before/ After images as well as side by side comparisons that show even the slightest progress after each treatment. This improves both patient satisfaction & compliance.


Fotofinder Aesthetics (Face) - the cutting edge solution for consistent full face, chin, neck & décolleté Photography in minimum time to give you the best diagnosis for your skin & more.  At our clinics, we utilize this advanced diagnostic procedure in order to give you the most accurate, valid & reliable analysis to help you visualize vascular lesions, blood vessels, pores, pigmentation, skin textures, fine lines & wrinkles as well as Before/After precise documentation of improvement using Adonia's advanced screening technology. Furthermore, we insist to follow up with you to the final point of success. For this reason, FotoFinder’s “Ghost” feature delivers consistent follow up photos to accurately track progress of facial treatments.


Easy Body Photography for Precise Diagnosis

Our diagnostic program is provenas the best imaging solution for body contouring & leg vein procedures. With no need for a floor mat, small foot print, large castors & no loose cables, it is a truly mobile studio system. Simply follow FotoFinder’s Guided Photography onscreen templates & capture photos quickly. The unique Laser Linger makes patients positioning at baseline & follow up easy.


Personalized Treatment Plan Based on 3 Dimensional Analysis

As we add your precise pictures to the displays on our machine, Omorphia tool stimulates procedures & gives you an extensive idea of the outcome for your treatments. We offer you printed personalized reports you can take home & share in order to know what to expect for your body, face & skin Before / After the treatment.

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