Mission of Precise Diagnosis

EMC - Elie Melhem Clinics emphasizes on precise diagnosis for skin, hair & body! Soft Plus is a completely stand alone skin, body, hair & cellulite assesment system employed by top healthcare & medical professionals on an international level. It is known for its worldwide spread due to its ability to precisely & accurately diagnose multi skin, body & hair problems in absolutely no time.

Our mission is based on utilizing the most objective & precise data for correct diagnosis & afterwards proceed with accurate treatment! EMC's trained skin doctors utilize Soft Plus because of its advanced screening technology. It is a detailed mirror of what is happening in the skin & body based on reliable & valid reports.

Utilizing this advanced screening tool / machine, our doctors, dermatologists, trained skin consultants & skin experts accurately find about many conditions in your skin to suggest for you the best treatment plan for your problem. Such are the diagnosis of skin condition & levels:


Below can be precisely assessed in your skin in a single rapid test

1. Hydration

2. Elasticity

3. pH Level

4. Sebum

5. Temperature

6. Melanin


Advanced Diagnostic Assessments

Face & Face+ Assement: assesses general conditions of your skin to identify problems on your skin

Anti Aging & Anti Aging+: identifies signs of skin aging along biological age of clients that are both available with or without microcamera

Sensitive Skin: unique program suitable for testing clients with sensitive redness skin such redness & couperose

Sun: develops to advice most suitable sun protection for each skin type based on client skin and location of stay. Calculates phototype of clients, measures melanin level & provides UV index of skin

Hands: part of body that show signs of aging therefore indicating best ways to take care of your hands

Cellulite: assesses water reteniton & level of cellulite along thermal analysis of given area

Whitening / Brightening: for clients who want to brighten their skin, this program supports understanding the most suitable treatment based on the most accurate diagnosis program

Laser: pre-laser consultation program helps our doctors, dermatologists & skin experts decide the best treament for clients' skin intolerances.


Most Precise / Accurate Diagnostic Readings Via Camera

Wrinkles: an exclusive 3D analysis of wrinkles; measures the lenght, width / depth of each wrinkles & moves the image around detailed consultation. It monitors Before / After treatment as the program picks slightest changes

Pigmentation: assesses dark sports on areas of your skin ti explore a detailed precise diagnosis with a colour coded system ; also monitors Before / After treatment reports

Pores: asseses diameters of client pores

Keratin: detects presence of dead skin cells on stratum corneum

Microcirculation: discovers presence of tiny capillaries that allow preventive skin care action

Dandruff: assesses presence & importantly type of dandruff on scalp that allows correct treatment to be advised

Hair Diameter: measures hair shaft of clients

Hair Density: measures number of hair & delicate hair growth in given area to assess the relevance of the treatment undergone for hair

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