EMC Contest

Answer the question correctly to be included in the draw to win a free muscle toning, firming, and lifting session at Elie Melhem Clinics! Date of Competition ends on May 31st, 2018.


You can become an ex-smoker in 37 minutes without pain, surgery, stress, effort & medicine! Elie Melhem Clinics offers an internationally approved & recognized painless quit smoking treatment that guarantees a 90% success rate! What is the official name of this advanced FDA approved & ISO certified quit smoking machine?


Rules and Regulations

You can only answer once! Fill in your complete name , e-mail address & phone number! Clients who answer more than once will automatically be eliminated from the draw & will not be included in it! Only correct answers will be included in the draw & one winner will be picked out on the agreed date mentioned above. Good luck!

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