John Maalouf


I loved having laser therapy for my body at EMC! I am glad EMC welcomes guys for this treatment too. It was so painless and fast treatment . The results are fantastic.  I needed the huge amount of hair on my chest to go away. I had an overload! I tried the slimming treatment also. I actually tried fat freezing . I liked the difference it made by helping me be free of fat without surgery. Thankyou EMC team. 

Jennifer S.


I am happy with the results I got at your clinics. I got a lovely tan in 10 minutes and my skin was still healthy. It did not burn my skin. I finally got free of my hair using the painless  laser hair removal treatment you have. It is great to have achieved this because I did not experience pain from  the laser hair removal treatment. 

Maria Younes


When I went for my hypnosis session at EMC, i could  finally beat my bulimia which sometimes was accompanied with some anorexia.  After one session, I began feeling reprogrammed totally from the inside . I finally wanted to be healthy again and happy!

Psychological Hypnosis helped me to be free of many reasons in my subconscious mind that triggered why I needed to throw up the food i ate to feel good about myself.

Nothing to fear, no mind control, just mind reprogramming for the benefit of the client's case...I am joyful again ... Thanks EMC Team.




Thanks to EMC slimming machines and nutritionist, I lost 8 kgs in a month time. I recommended this slimming package to everyone I know. It is unbelievably effective but believably , I enjoy looking at my body now without having a big belly.  I lost weight without suffering.

Carole D


I wish everyone feels as satisfied I am with my face. In 30 minutes treatment, I got a nonn invasive lip lift . I also got botox for my chin and fillers for my face, I have an attractive face now ... I look amazing and I also feel amazing! I am looking forwards to try more treatments to improve my face. 

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