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What is the Allurion program?

1- Then Allurion gastric balloon gives you the power to cut cravings and lose weight

2- less than 15 min procedure

3- supports your ongoing weight loss over 6 months.

How does it work?

The Allurion balloon previously known as the ” the elipse balloon” trains your stomach by reducing hunger so that you eat less and live more.

The Allurion Balloon


● No need for surgery, endoscopy*, or anesthesia
● Constant feeling of fullness
● Average 10 to 15% body weight lost in 16 weeks
● Quick, 15-minute placement
● 95% sustained weight loss at 1 year

The Allurion pill and how it turns out to be a balloon.

Bariatric & Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr. Toufic Moussallem

Dr. Toufic Moussallem will be with you from the first step of your Allurion weight loss journey:

● From the first clinic consultation

● To prepare you for placement

● To execute the placement process of the Allurion balloon

● Supporting your achievements as you progress through the Program.

Personalized Diet Plan from our Famous Dietitian Lea Helou

While subscribing to the Allurion Program at EMC – Elie Melhem Clinics, you will benefit from a 6-month personalized diet plan from our Famous Dietitian Lea Helou, well known for her professional results and accurate follow-up.

Allurion Program at EMC – Elie Melhem Clinics

This service is available at EMC – Elie Melhem Clinics, founded by Dr. Elie Melhem, in Beirut – Lebanon, where you will be provided with a slimming program for 6 months to help you maintain your weight loss and get you back in shape with the Allurion program.

Dietitian Lea Helou will help you re-evaluate your relationship with food; she will keep you strong and healthy, and guide you to healthy, sustainable dietary choices.

Support from your Devices

To assist in your weight-loss journey, you will be provided with an Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker, and Allurion App on the day of your balloon placement. You can use these to check in with your healthcare team, receive support and guidance, and be accountable for your weight-loss achievements.